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Mammillaria Pink Powder Puff


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This plant is a succulent and the name results from the compact round shape with small spines covered in wool. 

Caring for Mammillaria Powder Puffs   *In bloom right now*

Cacti are one of the easiest plants for the home gardener. Caring for Mammillaria is nearly as simple as providing lots of light and forgetting to water. That sounds too simple, but really, this family is happy as long as temperatures are around 70-80 F. (21-27 C.) and at least eight hours of sunlight.

During the winter, cacti become dormant and can be held in a dry, cool room of the house. The exposure to temperatures around 60-65 F. (16-18 C.) helps encourage flowering in spring. Move powder puff cacti outside in summer.

Growing Powder Puff Cactus in Pots

For gardeners in most zones, only indoor potted cacti are an option. Cacti like to be a little pot bound and only need repotting every three to five years.

Fertilize powder puff cactus in spring with a 5-10-5 liquid fertilizer. Continue to feed the potted plant from June until September, every month. Suspend fertilizer in fall and winter, when the plant is dormant.