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3 Wandering Jew (Tradescantia Zebrina) Green & White cuttings


The Green and White Wandering Jew is known botanically as Tradescantia Zebrina.

This is an easy to care for house plant.  

You will receive 3 good sized cuttings for $9.99.  Similar to Picture.

1-6 Cuttings ship for same cost.

Temperature: Normal indoor temperatures of 50-75ºF are fine. 
Light: Good light is important for this plant to grow well.  Some direct sun is good.
Watering: Water well from April - October - and much less in Fall & Winter.
Soil: A good draining peat based potting mix is best.
Re-Potting: Re-pot  every 2 years for best results .
Fertilizer: Feed in late Spring thru Summer with a basic 20-20-20 fertilizer every 3 weeks.
Humidity: Normal indoor humidity is fine. If you need to improve humidity mist the leaves.
Propagation: Easily propagated with 3 - 5 inch stem cuttings.  Remove the bottom 2-3 leaves and put in a glass with 2" water and place in a  warm and bright windowsill and you should see tiny roots in 5-7 days.
Pruning: If your plant becomes leggy  pinch back the stem tips during spring or early summer.