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How We Got Started

I have been growing epiphyllums now for about 28 years.   It all started when a good friend gave me a small cutting of "MorMor" for Mother's Day about 28 years ago.   Then a little while later he gave me Waikiki Rainbow.   Well when these babies flowered in 2 short years, I was "hooked".   There was no going back.  Since then I have purchased and  traded several hundred epiphyllums.   My hobby quickly became an addiction that I am very happy with to this day.   I started giving them as gifts to friends on various occasions and like myself, they quickly got the "epi bug".   I found friends and friends of friends, calling me and asking me if I would sell some of my young epi offspring.    At first I was reluctant but it quickly took off with "word of mouth".   Then I found out, if I sell some I would have extra cash to buy some more prized cultivars.... and there started the birth of "Epihaven Nursery".