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American Beauty" Dragon Fruit (hylocereus guatemalensis)


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"American Beauty" Dragon Fruit Cactus (hylocereus guatemalensis) is a much desired Hylo variety.  It produces fruit that are med-large in size and a dark pink, delicious flesh inside that is edible and earthy.  American Beauty is a wonderful self pollinating variety.  This beautiful night blooming cactus produces its best fruit when allowed to climb on a trellis or your favorite tree. The huge 10-16 inch round flowers are highly fragrant and amazing "eye candy", alas.. lasting just one night.  American Beauty is Autogamous (Self-fertile).
AMERICAN BEAUTY grows well with almost no spotting and is a reliable bloomer/fruit producer, usually blooms mid to late summer-likes the heat, fruit is usually ripe by late summer or fall. Roots easy just like Epiphyllums.