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Hylocereus 'KATHIE VAN ARUM' Dragonfruit


THIS RARE CACTUS IS A "MUST HAVE" FOR THE SERIOUS COLLECTOR!!   It is beautifully fragrant and produces a delicious fruit.

 This beautiful plant is a species from the German Hybridizer Eckhard Meier. This is one of the few red/purple nocturnal flowering Cactuses.  It's bloom has purple with deep pink edges and pink to lite pink edges.   It starts to open its flowers during the day and is will be completely open by dusk.  As morning approaches it closes up .  This bloom is approx 9-12" and extremely stunning. This is a hardy grower and gets large quickly.  Tall 3 angled growth with some spines.

This is a cross of  H. undatus x H. stenopterus.