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Selenicereus Chrysocardium, Fern Leaf/Shark tooth Cactus CUTTING - Rare

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You will receive a 14"-16" cutting.   The last Plant in pictures is my mother plant.

Selencereus Chrysocardium is in the Epiphyllum group and is easy to grow. It has angled stems, producing aerial roots, and white, beautiful flowers but is great to have just for its striking leavesSelenicereus will grow well in shade to part sun locations. It likes to get very little direct sun in summer, but more in winter. Too much sun will make its leaves turn yellowFlowers are large and nocturnal, pollinated by moths.  Fruits bear numerous spines. Flowers are generally produced in abundance with mature plants and are white and are very fragrant and usually last a single night.  Epiphytic in nature, keep the soil moist and well drained.