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Selenicereus Testudo, *HUGE* Strophocactus Species, dog tail cactus


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Selenicereus Testudo is from Palenque, in the Yucatán peninsula, Mexico.  It is native to  Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala.

  • Propagate dog-tail cactus by severing one healthy segment from the end of a branch. Cut the segment where it joins another segment and place the segment in a warm, dry environment. Do not place it where it will receive long periods of direct sunlight. Allow the wound to dry for one to three days, then plant the segment, cut side down, in a small pot with the same soil mixture as you used to plant the cactus originally (see Step 1). Bury the end 1 inch deep. Place the pot near a sunny window. Water normally after three to four weeks.