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15 Stella D'Oro Reblooming Daylillies


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Stella D'Oro has a 3″ bloom and grows 18-24″ tall. They bloom early in the Season and then rebloom. In winter they go Dormant.  This award-winning dwarf daylily has become a garden favorite. Stella D'Oro is in a class by itself. Hardy, trouble-free plants bring sunny beauty to borders and pots.
The most popular and widely-grown daylily of all time. Renowned for its repeat blooms, its bright golden blooms decorate our garden from late May until frost. Compact mounded foliage, vigorous growth and phenomenal blooming make it an excellent choice. Winner of the Stout Medal, daylily’s highest award.  Hardy, trouble-free plants bring sunny beauty to borders and pot.  Daylilies can survive many hard conditions that other plants cannot. Including polluted city environments, slopes poor soil near pavements that is salted during winter.