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Crassula ovata 'Obliqua' (Variegated Jade Plant)


Crassula ovata 'Obliqua' (Variegated Jade Plant) - A multi-branching succulent shrub with thick stems that hold pale-green, obovate pointed leaves that are streaked with a white variegation. New growth  has a  pinkish/red over the white tips with enough sunlight. White star-like flowers bloom in clusters within the foliage in the fall. Plant in part sun to full sun in coastal gardens. Tolerates very dry conditions but looks best with occasional water and is not hardy much below 30F but can survive a short duration of temperatures to around 26-28F. A good container plant and in areas with cold winters can be brought inside and not irrigated during winter months. This form is sometimes called 'Tricolor' because of the pink/red on the new growth.