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Pseudorhipsalis ‘Blue Flame’ (Pseudorhipsalis amazonica)


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You will receive a cutting  similar to the one in the picture approx 7- 9".

Pseudorhipsalis ‘Blue Flame’ (Pseudorhipsalis amazonica) was formerly known as Wittia Amazonica!

With foliage resembling an Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum), Blue Flame is a rare epiphyte from the rainforests of the Amazon jungle.

This is a spineless tropical cactus that blooms bright purple flowers.  Flowers emerge along the leaf edges from late spring through early summer, and blooms for a couple of weeks.   Early springtime flowers are magenta, but summer flowers have the distinctive blue tip on the magenta flower. Mature leaves are about 12" long.   "Blue Flame" prefers a hot, humid environment similar to its jungle habitat. Grow in porus  cactus soil in partial sun to bright, indirect light.